What if I get fired? What you need to know about the status of residence and immigration procedures

This time, I would like to explain residency in the case of being dismissed for company reasons.

Residency and Procedures in the case of Dismissal

Although you dismissed from a company, in case you have a labor visa, you may think you can stay in japan with no condition until expiry comes, but it is wrong.

Your status of residence may be revoked in the following cases

1. You’ve been engaged in activities not authorized by the Immigration Bureau.
2. You have not been looking for a job for more than 3 months after you dismissed from a company.

To be able to legally stay in Japan after dismissed from a company, the following conditions must be met.

1. you have been continuing a job search after dismissal.
2. you notified the Immigration Bureau about dismissal within 14 days.

In case you are going to continue a job search after your expiry,
you should change your status of residence to “designated activity”. The following conditions are required.

1. You were dismissed for the company’s reasons, not personal reasons.
2. You have been continuing a job search after dismissal.
3. You have notified the immigration bureau that you were dismissed within 14 days.

The period of stay will be six months. However, you can not extend the period of stay of “designated activities”.


・If you wish to work part-time to meet pay for your living expenses, you need permission to engage in activities outside of your qualifications. If you work part-time without this permission, even if you are permitted working, it is illegal to work and you might be deported.

・Ask the company you quit from issuing a certificate of resignation (taishoku-shoumei-sho) or a release form (rishoku-hyo) and register for it at “Hello Work”. You can also apply for unemployment insurance at “Hello Work”. It is also important to receive  “Hello Work Card” to prove that you are looking for a job.


I am glad you find it helpful.